Vinheilm is the home of the Xeliopurge and moon of Malhalla. It is very rocky, black, cold, and has relatively low gravity. Large moon-towers the Xeliopurge call home can be found on many parts of the surface and have very advanced locking mechanisms and security systems.

The reclusive Spiders of Nilgocht can be found deep within Vinheilm's cave systems due the Xeliopurge Bombardment terrorizing the Xeliopurge.



The moon of Vinheilm is very low gravity, and visitors from Malhalla, namely humans, can jump around the planet with ease.


Dangerous spiders from Nilogocht are also found in Vinheilms' many cave systems, those of which werre created by the spiders' burrowing tendencies.


The caves on Nilgocht and Malhalla are similar to those on Vinheilm due to them having the same origin; burrowing spiders.  Vinheilm is believed to also have a spider safe haven like The Underworld in Malhalla, due to there having to be atleast one Spider Queen in each civilization.


Gold can be easily found all over the surface of Vinheilm, making it a highly desirable place to visit for Elves. The Overlord Prophecy predicts that Elves will inhabit and conquer Vinheilm in 3 eras' time.