Velani is the utopian neo-metropolis located in the high north of The Grand Kingdom Territories.

The land is mostly beach, desert, and jungle, and contains many platinum-gold skyscrapers, where the elven race calls home. Corporations like MugoMiningCorporation have flourished, and Velani is the one of the most prosperous territory on Malhalla. Communities like OLAER thrive, while business in all fields boom. Unfortunately, crime is one of those fields and runs wild throughout the entire city.


Gangs like the Peole, and the ESC (Elven Superiority Clan) run rampant in the jungle areas of Velani, robbing, looting, murdering, marauding and highjacking everybody they pass. This makes travel in Velani very difficult if not impossible especially at night.


Many law enforcement offices have succumed to crime doctrines and bribes. Most citizens aren't even safe around law enforcement as they themselves can be considered an organized crime organization.