Trolls are the naturally bulky tan-skinned intelligent tanks of The Bloodwind Troll Army


They are much bigger, faster, and stronger than Orcs, humans, elves, and imps, making them the most athletically enhanced race of all of them.

They have tan to white skin, red eyes, and big arms that they use as front legs.

Trolls have immunity to most sharpness like stepping on rocks due to them living in caves, and underground all their lives. Another side-effect of such is their eyes adapt to light much more slowly than humans do.

Contrary to popular belief, Trolls posess rather significantly great intelligence and memory. More-so than humans! Trolls are the 2nd smartest of all the races, behind only of elves.


Trolls have been considered legends ever since the beginning era due to their isolation from the surface where every other race is. Every story or sighting of Trolls has depicted them as large evil baby-eating monsters of the darkness and instruments of evil. The general public thinks of trolls as murderous feral monsters, and hate and fear them. Trolls are realtively altruistic and benevolent, but very intimidating people and have always been misunderstood. The Black-Smoke Era was when every report, sighting and story of trolls stopped. The Report of 771 was an event that exposed trolls to The Grand Kingdom, but not officially, during the dawn of the black-dust era. During the serenity era, "The Serenity Seige" ended the era, and plunged the Kingdom into the Bloodwind War, when The Bloodwind Troll Army marched onto the surface and attacked the MugoCorp Exec. Building with grenade launchers. They left a declaration of war at the ruins.

The Bloodwind Declaration of WarEdit

"We, the united band of Trolls, the self-proclaimed Bloodwind Troll Army, declare war on the Grand Kingdom. We have been denied for too long, and our tolerance can only last so long before we burst. That attack was the burst. We will destroy everything you hold dear, and will wreak havoc upon your people. Only then will you know the error of your ways."

The Effect of The Serenity SeigeEdit

The Grand Kingdom took the declaration very seriously and with the help of the Crixian Empire, fought the Bloodwind Troll Army in "The Bloodwind War" upon the warzone of Woodlust. However, problems arise when the angry residents of Woodlust don't want the Kingdom's men in the city, and declare civil war, starting "The Battle for Woodlust".


Trolls really have no culture other than supreme secrecy. They celebrate the anniversary of the Serenity Seige, however, usually with fireworks.


Trolls rarely use weapons or intelligent combat techniques. They typically rely on brute strength to tear their victim apart. Sometimes, if desperate, a troll may pick up nearby objects to hurl or slam at their enemy.