Titanium is a very rare and valuable metal found within the lower earth level rock; Gabbro.


It came here by the Xeliopurge Bombardment, a disasterous explosion caused by the impact of a high-speed alien craft crashing into Faro during the Black-Smoke Era.


Considering it's incredible durability, remarkable friction and naturally extensive carvability, it has been used mainly as a combat material.

Titanium ArrowsEdit

Titanium arrows are the best arrows Malhalla has to offer 3 times more effective than even ruby arrows, and only two shots from them are enough to kill almost any living thing on Malhalla, sole exceptions being Trolls which typically take up to 5 at most. However, Titanium Arrows are extremely valuable and are only used by Saumurais of The Crixian Ninja Force, Elite members of The Elven Military, and Crixian Empire forces.  

Titanium SwordsEdit

Titanium is also used to tip swords such as Elven Swords for their ability to slice through the skin of most enemies.


It's been used in other things such as the Area 52 Grenade Launcher for it's frictionous ability to launch grenades at a high speed without damaging the weapon.

When put in a vat full of the blood of Imps, Elves, Orcs, Trolls and Humans, it turns into Obsidian, a mineral used to quickly dematerialize and rematerialize people, making teleportation very easy. Obsidian is made at a place called Dawnlord Cave

After seeing the destructive potential of titanium as a militaristic item, Crixus formed an industry dedicated to the swift, clean and efficient mining of Titanium called MugoCorp.