"I, the ambassador and diplomat of the hamlet and lumber town of Hunter's Hideout is requesting Kingdom protection from a mysterious menace that has been terrorizing the town. We thoroughly apologize for disturbing the commonwealth and indeed your very kingdom, however this threat seems to have been escalating and our citizens have been scared for their lives and our crucial supply of lumber has been short and may cause an economic disaster. We believe this threat is of little concern, however cannot be dealt with by us peasants and townfolk. While some of the more superstitious citizens of the town believe our attacker is none other than Trolls, the long lost race of old, you have no need to concern yourself or your respective territories in that this claim may hold some merit because I can assure you, it most assuredly holds none. Unfortunately, Hunter's Hideout has always been a very superstitious and imaginative town, and we doubt our citizens will hold off on their wild ideas and until this situation is resolved, a panic may ring out across the Kingdom. Please respond as soon as possible. Winter, 771" -Letter 1 of The Report of 771

Report of 771