The Red Purge was a horrendous event started by the elves, to purge unholy imperfection from Malhalla.

All over the territories of Dysto and Petalgrove, Elves began senselessly massacring hundreds of innocent Orcs and Imps at the earlier rotations of The Beginning Era. They saw them as imperfections, and felt they needed to be killed in order to make way for the master race of humans and elves. Most of the elven assailants used Diamond Swords and wooden bows loaded with Ruby Arrows (Considering that the Xeliopurge Bombardment which gave Malhalla the Titanium for which the Elven Military's weaponry is known had not yet occured.)

Human involvement was very scarce but existing. Many human blacksmiths provided the weapons for the Elves, some even took part in the slaughter, actively murdering Orcs or Imps.  Some even took side with the Orcs and Imps by arming them, building blockades for them, or actively defending them with weapons. Without the human involvement, Orcs too would have most likely been extinct.