Crixus's attempt to defend new territories gained in the Great War and avenge the loss of The MMCEB, The Crixian Ninja Force, or CNF, is a pseudo secret society and extremely well-trained guerrilla militia, and has it's roots in Titancrest. It's primary function is to serve the private interests of Crixus without attracting attention and to be a powerful reserve force to be used against The Bloodwind Troll Army in the event of an underestimation of power.


All displays of excellence in the CNF are greatly rewarded by Crixus. As he sees hierarchy and order as very important, the ranks of operatives in the CNF are expressly displayed by their attire and weaponry.

  • Fledgling: Wearing simple dark wraps and tunics and face coverings, fledglings use agility and sharp throwing weapons as well as short swords to deliver low-cost effective killing.
  • Sparrow: Somewhat rarer, Sparrows use rudimentary wingsuits with high-quality black ninja garb to soar through areas and wrist-mounted blades to pounce on enemies.
  • Shinobi: The classic shinobi wears completely dark clothing plated with metal underneath and a simple eerie metal faceplate. They carry katanas, shuriken and use grappling hooks, caltrops and other unconventional weaponry to achieve complex goals. The ranks of the Shinobi are adept users of Kori Apples as well and can use vanishing runes and obfuscation runes to accomplish extreme espionage-related tasks.
  • Samurai: Samurais are rarely seen by non-CNF veterans because they are the CNF's designated one-man elimination party. If one person in particular needs to disappear, no matter how slippery they are, the Samurai can get it done. They wear bulky, ornate and flashy samurai gear with monstrous faceplates with snared nostrils, giant teeth and angry eyes and large horned helmets. They're incredibly agile and can scale most urban buildings and mountainous areas without much thought. They are typically equipped with massive well-smithed dai-katanas that tower over the samurai themselves and carry them as though they were a second limb, maneuvering it perfectly no matter where they are and capable of swinging it faster than most swordsmen can swing a regular sized sword. In their belts, Samurais also carry crude but effective and very aerodynamic feathered explosive slings and a wide selection of powerful Kori Apples.