Quests are text adventures with dialogue queues and choices. They appear in your mail when one, more or many stat requirements are met. All quests take time from a day ranging from 1 phase to multiple days. Depending on how you chose and what you said, the same quest can have many potential rewards for completion.

Orc Prison Questline Edit

  • Wake Up (Quest)
  • The Yard (Quest)
  • A Scheme (Quest)
  • Exile (Quest)
  • Good Behavior (Quest)
  • Great Escape (Quest)

O.L.A.E.R Questline Edit

  1. The Bigot (Quest)
  2. Ogre of A Man (Quest)
  3. Riding With The Ghost (Quest)
  4. Liberace's Razor (Quest)
  5. Under The Knife (Quest)
  6. Blackout (Quest)
  7. Last Call (Quest)
  8. Politicking (Quest)
  9. The Man And The Ogre (Quest)

Elven Salvation Questline Edit

  1. Prodigal Blood (Quest)
  2. In The Footsteps of The Gods (Quest)
  3. The Journeyman (Quest)
  4. The Pilgrim (Quest)
  5. The Enlightened (Quest)
  6. Salvation (Quest)

The Grand Kingdom Squires Society QuestlineEdit

  1. Delivery Boy (Quest)
  2. Paperwork (Quest)
  3. Squirely (Quest)
  4. The Bust (Quest)
  5. The Fever (Quest)
  6. The House (Quest)
  7. Guide to Smugglery (Quest)
  8. Smuggler's Last Stand (Quest)
  9. Among The Knights (Quest)
  10. The Descended (Quest)
  11. Knightly (Quest)

Titancrest Side QuestsEdit

  • Kobra The Kutter (Quest)
  • A Strange Encounter (Quest)
  • The Man In Black (Quest)
  • The Gambler (Quest)
  • The Disgruntled Scholar (Quest)
  • To Catch A Sparrow (Quest)

Vilhelmia Side Quests Edit

Blackwood Side Quests Edit

  • The Pit of Dawnlord (Quest)

Titancrest Scholar Society Quests Edit

Shadows of Vilhe Questline Edit

Petalgrove Gym Fight Club Questline Edit

  • New Blood (Quest)
  • Greenblood (Quest)
  • The Pit Fighter (Quest)
  • The Will to Survive (Quest)
  • Big Green Men (Quest)
  • The Beatdown (Quest)
  • The Champion (Quest)
  • The Council (Quest)
  • The King of Fists (Quest)

The Bloodwind Conspiracy Questline Edit

  1. The Iceberg
  2. The Tavern
  3. The Cavern
  4. The Underworld
  5. Bloodwind
  6. To Kill A Sparrow
  7. The Slingshot
  8. The Ronin
  9. Subterfuge
  10. Crixus

The CNF Questline Edit

  1. An Unlikely Invitation
  2. Welcome To The Nest
  3. The Apple Tree
  4. Learning How To Fly
  5. Birds of a Sparrow
  6. Leaving The Nest
  7. Bloodwind
  8. The Slingshot
  9. The Ronin
  10. Crixus