Orcs are green-skinned, primitive brutes of The Grand Kingdom.


Naturally, they are green-skinned predators. They are largely carnivorous, and depend on their superior knowledge to survive.

Most Orcs are very dumb, and have little or no grammar structure. Some, however are smarter than the average Elf! However they are considered the dumbest of the 5 races.

Orcs fit in society very loosely, and depend heavily on their brute strength for guard, soldier, and mercenary jobs.

Sexual reproduction in Orcs is very confusing, as there is no distinct difference between male and female orcs, as they look, act, and talk the same.


Orcs, due to their natural unintelligence, have always been considered 2nd class citizens, and aren't even given the same rights as the other 4 races.

Their deep hatred for the upper-class grows stronger each day, and one day they may revolt. One Orc, Ogre has started the OLAER, or Orcs Liberation Army for Equal Rights in Titancrest, to lesser their hatred, and to become accepted rather than to revolt.


Orcs are very primitive and may act like cavemen at times. Their humor consists of playing witty and clever practical jokes on humans, and violence.

Their homes are typically very cramped and thin-walled. They make homes inside and around trees, and like to stay in seclusion, often camoflauging their homes in trees.