The Orcish Liberty Army for Equal Rights or as they are informally called, The Orc Milita are a small orcish militia led by an intelligent Orc named Ogre, in quest to end the discrimination, hatred and consistent lynching against the members of the Orcish race.


They started in Titancrest with some funding assistance from the local Orc guards and mercs in the city and their employers. They set up at an old Daemon Cathedral that was cleared out during The Red Purge by elvish invaders and was previously believed to be haunted. They took mercenary and guard jobs to pay for weapons for their somewhat radical practices.


Considering they call themselves an army, they have been somewhat controversial in their practices. Those of which include mass vandalism, assassinations, seiges, theft and  Many humans and elves believe that the OLAER is a front for a movement so they can recruit more Orcs to rebel against The Grand Kingdom, in spontaneous genocide.

Some of their less than radical practices include teaching lesser Orcs about manners, spelling, grammar, reading, history, science, etiquette, and basic mathematics. They also fight for the freedom of Trolls as well by holding public councils to discuss political ideas and resolutions to political ideas.