Imps are the long-extinct race of reddish dark-skinned black-horned men.


They have unusual horns, dark and red rugged skin and hooves. They have a natural immunity to lava and fire, and cold burns like fire would. They are warm-blooded, bipedal, sentinet and somewhat intelligent. They are the 4th most intelligent of all the races behind trolls , humans , and elves.

Nearly all Imps suffer from a degree of claustrophobia and insomnia.


Imps are one of the 5 races of malhalla. In the beginning era, they stayed excluded from elves, their neighboring race. Soon enough before the dawn of the grand kingdom era, they were spotted in the mountains of Helvian by elven scouts. They were immediately assumed to be abominations, and were ordered to be massacred, resulting in The Red Purge. The entirety of the race was murdered by elven extremists, except one person, Hadediabla Crixus. Crixus grew and rebuilt the society of Helvian and renamed it, "Crixia".

Crixus has remained the only imp left in existence, and using The Power of Daemon , he has remained secretive about his racial identity. Nobody knows that there are still imps in existence.


Being considered evil, and pure hatred, the imps were actually very loving, especially in their architecture. Their homes are carefully made using as much unique style to them as possible. Their methods of architecture is a major part of who they are, and what they stand for. Most impian homes are unneccisarily enormous and have huge open spaces and no cramped areas due to their claustrophobia. They are typically made of red-brick and very durable rock found near the Earth's core or sometimes sandstone is also a favorite choice for floors. They usually have a massive main room and around 4-12 other smaller yet still big rooms. The Mugocorp Executive Building is a perfect example of their strange, rather backwards architecture.

Since the race didn't last very long until they died out, they never really adopted a true culture that fit. They had no religous belief other than the belief in The Power of Daemon, and no true holidays besides the anniversary of the Elven D-day.