Humans are the ultimate race, and supreme rulers of The Grand Kingdom.


Humans have skin ranging from pale white to coal black.

Humans are the 3rd smartest of the 5 races, and are surpassed by Trolls & Elves.

They are seen as the 2nd weakest of the races, in front of Elves.

Despite all of this, they are natural leaders, have great charismatic charm, know how to handle money, and are the most agile besides elves..


During the Beginning Era, they saw themselves as the destined rulers of all the races, and began the Grand Kingdom to horde over all the other races. Humans have gone through many, many hardships, but still manage to be seen as the almight leaders of all the kingdom. Some humans don't like the Grand Kingdom and see humans, themselves, as imperfect. Some are humaniacs, or human extremists, and kill all who oppose humane ideology.


Human culture spreads wide across the land, ranging from primitive tribes to exquisite classes.


Humans are relatively pathetic at fighting with their fists and will be easily bested by any other race (besides elves) in any hand-to-hand combat situation. They usually rely on weapons such as swords and spears. Humans are also known to use explosive weapons such as TNT, C4 and Grenade Launchers.