Mellohi Map

The Grand Kingdom Territories, previously known as Mellohi, is Malhalla's most populous continent. With a total population of 16,000,000 people, The Grand Kingdom Territories is home to the vast majority of all of recorded history post-Beginning Era. Due to it's relatively compact size and anthropologically convenient shape, much of this island's history had to be worked out with the races that resided upon it, in real time, every day. At only 1.5 million mi², much of the island is accessible quickly on horses, which roam the fields of Calenburst. Much of the forestation has already been cleared out in swaths laid with ancient brick paths, constructed sometime in The Farian Sovereignty Era and constantly improved by the Grand Kingdom starting in The Kingdom Era, though it quickly falls into disarray during times of chaos.

It consists of 4 territories:

The Human Capital Calenburst

The Elven Homeworld Velani

The Orc Motherland Petalgrove

And Mugo, the Corporate State