The Farians are an ancient extinct race of reptilian warlords considered by The TSS to be "The Overlords of Malhalla" prophesied to return in The Overlord Prophecy.


TSS knowledge on anthropology is very limited and since Farians are exclusively fossils, they have very little to offer in terms of knowledge regarding their biology. The TSS has concluded their bones were incredibly dense, possibly moreso than that of Orcs and Trolls. Their skulls have a tall crown and the shape of their mandibles suggest that they had particularly large teeth. Their spines are long enough to imply the presence of a tail of some description. The shape of their hands also hints at the possibility of claws.


Farians have been shown to be very empathy-less creatures with a lust for destruction and death. The runes carved into their very bones as well as their ancient armor and weapons suggest a cruel and evil existence for the skeletons when they were alive. The ruins in which many of the remains of the skeletons were found were war-torn and showed signs of burning, arrow punctures and crushing. The skeletons are widely considered to be a very warfare-intensive collective. The Titancrest Scholar Society has deduced this information from their translation of their language, which has been criticized heavily by other scholars outside The TSS for its heavy homogenilization of certain runes and excessive use of homonyms in the translation. Some insist that the skeletons were a relatively peaceful race but were persecuted against by ancient elves for their seemingly demonic appearances and, they argue, that this is the reason for the war-torn ruins and the large amount of remains. The prime counter-argument for that point is that the skeletons were a very bulky and tough species and that some remains of elves would have been found as well but no corpses of any other species than the Farians were found. The TSS's deduction remains the primary belief for most scholars within and without the TSS, despite the criticisms.