Born HadediablaCrixus, Crixus is the last known living Imp.

Early LifeEdit

He was only an infant during the The Red Purge, when his family was taken from him. The Elves slaughtered his entire family, and tried to kill Crixus. They ripped him by the left horn, and tore it off. They thought they had killed him, but were sadly mistaken.

Crixus layed in the rubble, crying.

The GiftEdit

Crixus had been given The Power of Daemon. He layed in the Impian Brick and blood for forty five revolutions. He emerged from his coma at a pre-pubescent stage of life. After playing with an abandoned fireplace, he realized his immortality.

The gift of daemon had powered him. He was then encountered by a group of fearless bandits, making their way to their stronghold with many heavy sacks of loot. They paused in fearstruck silence as they noticed Crixus after their immoral laughter, and joking about their ransack. Crixus simply stared at them. They stared back.

After nearly a minute of staring, the bandits began to simultaneously approach Crixus, very cautiously. Crixus fired a powerful beam of energy at the group, vaporizing their bodys to a pile of clothes, and ash.

Adult LifeEdit

Crixus began using his powers to assist the good people of local villages, but in a disguise he stole from the bandits' souls using The Power Of Daemon.

Realizing his immortality, he knew that he could do things most people did in a whole lifetime, if not 2 lifetimes. He began taking over territories in soon-to-be-known Crixia, starting the The Crixian Empire. Most of his troops did the annexing, and the massacring, while he worked on his side-project: Dawnlord Cave.

The Great War approached him, and he took full control of his troops, and started a ninja team to defend Dawnlord Cave. At the end of the war, he founded MugoCorp, a Titanium mining and explosives business to fund the losses of the war.